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iPhone has radiation three times than Samsung Galaxy S III.

iPhone vs Galaxy siii

The issue of cell phone radiation had a scene some time ago because it reportedly may increase the risk of dangerous diseases such as tumors and cancer. Even the regulatory agency in San Francisco, United could make phone makers have rules that specifically describes the amount of radiation emitted by the numbers for each phone model it sells.
The regulation has now been withdrawn because there is no authentic evidence of how much radiation of electronic devices can affect the human body, but still leaves a number of fears / concerns for some people. Actually there is a limit of radiation that can be safely accepted by humans, in essence, the less radiation the phone that it would be better than a large cell phone radiation.
Not long ago a company called tawkon issued infograph exposure on the amount of radiation emitted by a variety of different phones. According to Tawkon, Apple's iPhone has a beam of radiation is three times more when compared to Samsung Galaxy S III.
There are some applications that can measure radiation levels used to determine the radiation beam on your phone. For Apple's own devices, similar applications have been there some time ago to remove the application from the Apple application store. The good news is the application of radiation gauges can still be searched on Google Android Play Store so users can be ranked if the phone is on the verge of radiation on the boundary. This application is available free of charge and can be downloaded for users of Android version 2.1 and above.
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