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ADzero-A SmartPhone made of Bamboo

Do you think mobiles can be made of Bamboo? Have you ever seen such a phone? It’s not possible, right? Well, let me tell you there is a phone made of bamboo. It is called ADzero and is designed by a 23 year old British student Kieron-Scott. The phone is powered by IceCream Sandwich(ICS) so it is a Smart bamboo phone. The phone will launch later this year.
The story behind the phone is interesting. Kieron was frustrated due to similar design of most of the smartphone which was obviously due to same material used in making them. So he just made the design and posted it online. After that a technology entrepreneur contacted him and they hired a hardware engineer and formed their company. This phone was on display at London Design Week.
The phone does have access to Google’s Android market and one special feature of the phone is its camera. It’s flash is different from other phones. The phone is using built-in ring flash. . Instead of a single light next to the camera lens that flashes to illuminate proceedings for a photo, the ADZero boasts a light-up ring surrounding the lens. That means that the light hits your subject from all angles instead of just from one direction, which produces more even lighting and minimises shadows. Thus,you get superior quality pics from it.
It is not the first time when an attempt to create electronic item from bamboo is made. Asus has already made laptop from bamboo. Coming back to ADzero, this phone will go on sale by the end of this year and ofcourse there will be a lot of buzz about it. Would you buy it?

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