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Top 10 tips to increase Android's battery life

More than half of the total smart-phone users are using Android. But all the Android devices face one common problem-poor battery life. Due to this flaw, most of the people are not been able to enjoy their Android to full extent especially when they are outdoor. So here are some basic yet very helpful tips to get the most of your android device-
1. Don’t use live wallpapers-Being an Android user, I know it’s very hard to stay away from these eye catching live wallpapers. But these wallpapers eat your droid’s battery fast. So better don’t apply them especially when you are outdoor.
2. Turn-off Wi-Fi and data connection-While not using Internet, turn off wi-fi or data connection. Your battery life will improve dramatically.
3. Keep widgets minimum-Some of the widgets are really needed but Lower the number of widgets on your home screen, better is the battery life. So keep only the useful widgets to enhance your Android’s battery life.
4. Arrange icons in folders-I know your Android is full of some awesome apps and games. Obviously some of these are used more frequently by you and you must have placed them on your home screen. It’s better if you put them into an folder rather than placing directly on the home screen.
5. Adjust screen brightness-Display is the biggest single drainer of your Android’s battery. Select it wisely. Adjust screen brightness suitable for you. Minimum brightness is better.   
6. Turn off Auto-sync-Just turn off auto-sync. You can do this by going into settings>accounts and sync>auto sync.
7. Low screen timeout-This function allows you to set time after which the screen goes dark when you stop interacting with it. Lower timeout is better.
8. Go 2G-Use 2G as much as possible and switch on 3G when you really need it. Especially when you are in the area where there is any hardly any 3G coverage.
9. In case of no coverage-When you are outdoor and there is no coverage, it’s better to switch to flight mode. Because a large amount of battery is consumed in searching for the signal.
10. Use battery savers-Last but not the least, if you still not using the battery saver then better get one from the market. I recommend to go for Juice Defender or Easy Battery Saver.Your battery life will go up significantly.
11. Full cycle recharge-Once a month, drain your Android battery to 0% then charge it to 100% without any interruption.
If you follow these basic tips then you will surely feel the difference in your Android’s battery life.So have fun with your Android.
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